Photographs are part of our human legacy.

It doesn’t matter what cameras we carry or what film stock we use, we are all here for one purpose: To pass on our legacy to the future generations. It could be the most mundane daily occurrence or something as important as the bride & groom’s first kiss. We, the photographers, are capable of turning an experience into a tangible art. By doing so, we bear witness to our humanity.

Here at Sixteen & Grain, we want to create products that help photographers to do just that.

Sixteen & Grain came to fruition when the founders, Jeremy Chou & Bud Johnson, were searching for a fashionable, yet functional film storage solution for film photographers. They came to the conclusion that there is just nothing out there that serves the needs of film photographers. After thousands of hours, and countless prototypes, the finest storage solution for film photographers was born.

And now, we are ready to share what we’ve created with the world.